Danielle (fallenfirefly) wrote in ourfallenhero,

So I did a project on punks for my sociology class and I made sure I put a picture of Brian on there. I was telling people what happened to him. It was good to see their reactions and how disgusted they were with Dustin Camp and what he did. I hope we get to present our posters so I can tell the story to my whole class.
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Uhh, putting him on my poster had nothing to do with trying to make myself more punk. The poster wasn't even about me. The only reason I put him on there was because he was a punk, which is what my project was about, and I wanted to make people more aware of how far segregation can go, especially for such a stupid reason. If I knew there was some deeper meaning for his death, such as he threatened the kid or something, then I wouldn't feel so bad about it. However, the only reason I know of was that he was punk and the other kid wasn't. If you have so much to say about us caring when some "black...into rap....and wore gold chains everywhere" guy died, then suggest a community.
I'm not even punk rock...but it pains me that this happened to someone because of how different they were...

I'm not gay...but Matt Sheppard's death hurt me as well...

Any hate crime hurts me insanely...

Maybe you need to take a good look at yourself...re-evaluate a few things...and then comment like a real human being.

Negative comments are not needed...

I wish you the best, toholdthegun.
Were you saying that stuff to me? Heh, because I didn't say any negative comments...
not you :) that's why i said, 'i wish you the best, toholdthegun'

sorry! :)
Heh, yeah I realized that after I hit reply. Sorrys.
I did a project in Health.. about Brian. We were going over.. PASSIVE/AGREESIVE actions.. and I told the story about Brian.
damn skippy